Our Story

From millennia, India has been the land where culture, heritage and holistic practices flourished. Our ancestors, with their traditional knowledge, scholarly learning and vast experience, derived the formula for an ideal lifestyle. With the aid of our Vedas and other ancient texts, they practiced a sustainable way of living by integrating the elements of Nature in every sphere.

For generations now, we have been passed down several of these ingenious principles, paving the path for a natural-healthy approach to life. The introduction of man-made chemicals, synthetics, and other products, however, has resulted in our holistic practices of living and healing taking a backseat.

We, at Aapti Organics, realize the true potential and value of the methods and systems developed by our forefathers. Whether it’s something as simple as treating a flu or something bizarre like developing an anesthetic, our ancestors derived the best possible processes by solely incorporating natural, organic elements. With this belief, we seek to explore fully the many wonders our Nature beholds. By developing products that adhere closely to our vision, we, at Aapti, aim to serve the world over.